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Our babies use the outdoor space daily.  The gardens have all weather play surfaces and large canopies which provide shelter from the rain in winter and they provide shade in the summer. We have a huge variety of both conventional ‘plastic’ toys and natural resources that will help to fascinate and stimulate your child.  The staff ratio for this room is a minimum of one member of staff to three children. (Nappies and baby wipes are provided for all children at no additional cost).


At Dimples we operate a Key Person approach throughout the whole of nursery, where by every child is assigned a Key Person. (Due to shifts, holidays and other absences the other team members in your child’s room will be to hand if your child’s Key Person is not available). This team member will be there for you and your child from the very first settling in session (3 or 4 can be booked free of charge the week before your child starts at Dimples) until their move to the next room where you will meet your next Key Person. They will plan, observe, feed, comfort and care for your child whenever possible to ensure continuity of care and to allow your child to become familiar with their special Key Person. The Key Person is also there as the first point of contact for you as a parent.

“Children show they feel safe. They are happy, settled and secure.” - Ofsted 2011

Sandra recently attended a baby room conference and whilst advocating the use of the outdoors for babies Sandra was approached by Gail Ryder-Richardson-a writer and promoter of outdoor play. She visited the nursery to see firsthand how we manage to involve our babies in so much outdoor play and she conducted a small case study on them. Sandra had explained to Gail that, in our experience, babies can experience the same opportunities as older children providing there are enough well trained and experienced staff, parents are engaging in what the nursery want to do, there are outdoor canopies for all weather play and the children have the correct clothes.

Our baby room caters for children from 3 months to 15 months and is equipped with toys and resources that meet the needs of the children within the room.

Outdoor Play

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