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There are specifically designed areas that include the home corner, art and craft, sand and water, quiet area and many more. This enables our staff to encourage children to learn through play and socially interact with their peers. With one adult for every four children we are able to monitor each child individually and encourage them to move forward and develop their self-esteem, confidence and imagination.

We consider hygiene to be very important. Children are encouraged to always wash their hands after using the toilet, before meals and throughout the day following activities. Clean flannels are supplied daily and are put aside for washing following a single use. The children are also encouraged to brush their teeth after lunch. You will be asked to supply a toothbrush for your child’s use and the nursery will supply the toothpaste.


Rest and sleep periods are important for all young children’s development. Every child has their own cot/sleep mat, sheet and blanket situated in the quiet area, where they can rest or sleep.

If your child is not potty trained, you may like us to help. With your agreement and support, our professional staff can begin potty training with your child while they are at nursery.

Young children learn best when they follow their own interests, explore, experiment, problem solve and experience things first hand.


Children who are valued, have high self esteem, feel confident to take risks and who feel safe and secure will go on to have all the skills necessary to make them life long learners.


Every age group is valued at Dimples because children begin their learning as soon as they are born. Every room is just as important as the next and every child is valued as an individual.


The preschool rooms prepare your child for the transition to school but all rooms prepare your child for the world of learning.


Our professional and highly skilled team members help to facilitate opportunities that will engage, fascinate and excite your children so that they are motivated and keen to explore and learn. Children at Dimples are not sat at desks completing work sheets or being forced to read or write. Instead they experiment and learn through play, problem solving and taking on new information all of the time.

These spacious and colourful rooms cater for children from 2 years - 3 years.

learning through play

“Individual needs and interests are identified early & closely followed with a wide range of resources or activities that reinforce and  focus learning.” - Ofsted 2011

Toilet Training

Personal Hygiene & Well Being

Learning Through Play

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